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PEG 75 Lanolin / Water Soluble Lanolin

PEG 75 Lanolin / Water Soluble Lanolin
PEG 75 Lanolin / Water Soluble Lanolin
Product Description
In waxy, pale yellow flakes. PEG-75 Lanolin is the most widely used water soluble lanolin.Chemically-modified form of lanolin, light yellow, free-flowing flake that is completely soluble in aqueous systems giving clear solutions. Effective emollient, moisturizer and conditioner for skin care formulations.Ideal for dry skin formulations such as hand soaps, body washes, creams and lotions. In addition, its sheen enhancing properties make it an exceptional candidate for use in products such as shampoos and conditioners.Recommended use levels range from 0.5% to 5.0%, depending on application.CAS: 61790-81-6 / 8039-09-6INCI: PEG-75 LanolinProcessingWhen used in solutions, PEG-75 Lanolin should first be melted, followed by addition of 3 times the amount of hot water under constant stirring. The resulting concentrate is then diluted with either hot or cold water. In order to prepare emulsions, PEG-75 Lanolin is normally melted together with the oil phase, but it can also be dissolved in the aqueous phase. It should be stored cool in closed containers. Prolonged heating above 80 °C should be avoided.#diy #cosmetics

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