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Pure Vitamin E Acetate Oil / Tocopheryl Acetate

Pure Vitamin E Acetate Oil / Tocopheryl Acetate
Pure Vitamin E Acetate Oil / Tocopheryl Acetate
Product Description

In oil form, suitable for toiletries and cosmetics.

1 mg of dl-D-tocopheryl acetate is equivalent to 1.0 IU of vitamin E

Recommended Usage Rate: 0.5 - 5%
INCI: Tocopheryl Acetate

Vitamin E is insoluble in water and exist in the form of oil. It refers to a group of compounds that include both Tocopherols and Tocotrienols. ±-tocopherol, the most biologically active form of vitamin E, is the second-most common form of vitamin E in the diet. This variant can be found most abundantly in wheat germ oil, sunflower, palm oil and safflower oils. Vitamin E is stable on heating at temperatures from 150 to 175°C. It is less stable in acidic and alkaline environment.


Vitamin E has many biological functions. It is an antioxidant that protects body tissue from damage caused by substances called free radicals. The body also needs vitamin E to help keep the immune system strong against viruses and bacteria.Vitamin E is also important in the formation of red blood cells and it helps the body use vitamin K. It also helps widen blood vessels and keep blood from clotting inside them. Cells use vitamin E to interact with each other and carry out many important functions.Vitamin E also plays a role in eye and neurological functions, and inhibition of platelet coagulation.

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